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Temperature Measurement and Mask Detection Terminal with Optional Door Control

Contact us for quote if you would like to install an access control system on your front door. 

Mask and Temperature Detection

As offices across the State and Country begin to reopen their doors to employees, tenants, customers, and other visitors. It's important to comply with any local requirements for reopening. In some cases businesses are being encouraged have employees and visitors wear face masks and to check the temperature of people who walk through the door. We want to be clear about something, this is not necessarily a legal requirement to open and we can no provide any legal advice. We do have a solution for our customers who chose to check for masks and temperatures as people walk through the door. We have a short video on Facebook (you do not need a Facebook account to view this video) of what our solution is. This can be used as a stand alone device or it can be integrated with the access control system we have installed for you.

Check if visitor is wearing a mask

Check for abnormal body temperatures of people entering the premises. Use as a standalone device to simply be notified when an abnormal temperature is detected. Or use as an access control device to grant or deny access through a door altogether.

Check visitors temperature

Non-contact wrist temperature detection module measurement range is between 86°F to 113°F with 0.18°F accuracy at a distance between 1/3” to 1

Unlock a connected access control door

Adjustable temperature detection threshold can be configured with personnel access authority (call command and confirm your system is compatible)

Unique Access Control Terminal Displays a 7" LCD Screen that includes facial recognition, mask detection, and body temperature readings

Built-in deep learning dedicated chip supports local offline recognition with 10,000 face capacity

Use as a standalone device for simple notification purposes, or use as a full fledge access control device to grant access through doors.

Choose whether to use Facial Recognition and Body Temperature detection by themselves or combine them together for multi-level authentication

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Hilary Leigh
Business Owner
"Command Corp. is responsive and prides itself on customer service. I have been working with John and a complicated project. We methodically worked through all the moving parts and put together a detailed plan. John has been fun to work with and I hope we have more projects in the near future."
Hall Read
Local Business Owner
"Very professional installation, awesome customer servive, fast responses and comm. On time for all appointments."
Quintin Adamson
Business Manager
Command Corporation are Leaders in the field, will tailored solutions to your needs and provide fast and professional service at every turn. I highly recommend Command Corporation for your Business Security and Fire System needs"
Jillie Tempest

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