• John Bazyk

The Death of Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS)

In my opinion, Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) is dead. I've been contacting phone companies for years, asking them if POTS is gone. No one can give me an answer. We know that ATT is reclaiming thousands of miles of copper each year and replacing it with fiber, it will not be long before traditional phone service is dead and buried. Fiber is excellent for data transmission, but not for conventional alarm panels that rely on decades-old telephone technology.

Periodically, we see POTS lines fail to transmit alarm signals correctly to the monitoring station. We can not explain what happens to the alarm signal during transmission. All we know is that when the message leaves the alarm panel, it is clean. Something happens along the way that corrupts the data. I assume it has something to do with a phone line being converted from POTS to fiber and back to POTS again. By the time the alarm signal reaches the monitoring station, it is frequently undiscernable by the receiver or automation software. As phone companies move to Voice over IP (VoIP), alarm systems will have greater difficulty communicating with monitoring stations.

Knowing the death of plain old telephone service was coming, we started moving to mostly cellular and internet alarm monitoring several years ago. We've been offering wireless alarm monitoring long before companies with big marketing dollars were able to get on TV. Moving to network and cellular communication is faster, more secure and more reliable than traditional phone service.

Network and cellular communication open the door for remote access from your smartphone or internet browser. Making it easier for you to arm/disarm the alarm system, check alarm history, add/delete user codes and even control lights, locks and thermostats. We're also fully integrated with Alexa so you can tell her to turn on or off your lights and she will do it.

What's the solution for our existing customers with phone lines?

This year we're making a special effort to make wireless alarm monitoring more affordable. In January of 2017, we upgraded dozens of alarm systems from plain old telephones lines to new wireless alarm systems and a lower price than what we've ever offered in the past. This year we want to continue to make sure our customers have the best security system at the best prices.

Give us a call today, and we can get you a free security estimate to upgrade your system to wireless alarm monitoring!


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